My experience at Three-genie

Project description

Three-genie is a marketing campaign for launching 3G and 4G internet for one of the largest Russian telecom companies MegaFon. It consisted of dozens of real-life city games across the country with thousands of participants. The project was founded by Rais Gabitov, Anton Pryajevskiy and me. The technical core of it was the web dashboard and SMS processing service that gives tasks checks the answers for lots of users and games simultaneously.

Later this technology was used by us to make marketing events for PR and team building in other large Russian companies (, Champion).


PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL, Kannel

Results and challenges

In Dec 2010 – Sep 2013 as a co-founder and a software engineer based on one of my previous projects I worked on:

  1. Web development
  2. State machine
  3. Analytics and dashboard
  4. Setting up SMPP (SMS) gateway to the telecom provider
  5. Technical support of the events