My experience at HungrySites

Project description

HungrySites was a web development agency.


Ruby on Rails, LocomotiveCMS


Projects completed (23)

Project Description
Pure Water water filter installation services (UK)
SportMen (v1)
SportMen (v2)
SportMen (v3)
SportMen 3D models
online store of street training equipment
Directolog contextual advertizing agency
Adele Flowers wedding flower decoration, florist portfolio
Photo Booth photo booth rental services
Yoga Time yoga center
Dinero Wallets wooden wallets manufacturer
Centr Ekspertiz labor protection and safety certification services
Advokat Ulitin property lawyer services
EkoStyle wooden decoration materials
Stupenki kindergarten
KeeperBox shipping containers
Rubkoff glued beam houses
Mikatsu boat motors
Gosstroy commercial real estate
Exit3 escape rooms (website and online booking system with dashboard, CRM and analytics)
Vprave law firm
Pilot oil production equipment
Gurman food delivery service
Eat Right dietary food plan delivery service

Results and challenges

In Jan 2014 – 2020 as a founder and a project manager I worked on:

  1. Hiring project managers, developers and designers
  2. End product quality assurance
  3. Marketing
    1. Contextual ads
    2. YouTube content
  4. Project management
  5. Accounting