My experience at Med-Art and CSI "FIZ"

Project description

Med-Art is a local pharmacy network in Ufa, Russia with up to 11 pharmacies at that time and dozens of wholesale customers such as other pharmacies and hospitals all over Republic of Bashkortostan.

The “Customer Order” desktop app allows to order drugs through internet or telephone modem communication with the companies office. It has a local cache of the price-list that is updated when connected to the server (at that time in Russia it was mostly phone-based internet where customers paid for time connected). The order can be built while offline. It can automatically connect and disconnect phone modem connection on price-list download and order upload. It features local search and drug knowledge base.


C#, Visual Studio .NET

Results and challenges

In Sep 2007 – Aug 2008 as a software engineer from the ground up I worked on:

  1. Desktop development
  2. Server setup
  3. Integration with OS means of managing phone modem connections
  4. Table view and search
  5. Downloading, unpacking and showing the price list
  6. Forming and uploading orders

As a sysadmin and a head of IT department I worked on:

  1. Setting up Windows for workstations, Linux and FreeBSD for servers
  2. Setting up apps
  3. Fixing computers and appliances
  4. Technical support of pharmacies, hospitals and the office
  5. Interviewing and hiring developers and sysadmins (3 person department)
  6. Managing technical inventory