My experience at Ridge

Project description

Ridge is an edge cloud provider. The company provides managed Kubernetes service in hundreds of local datacenters around the world.


Go (Golang), TypeScript, Kubernetes, Kafka, Terraform, Swagger, Docker

WebPack, MobX, MobX State Tree, React, Stylus, Jest

VSCode, Prettier, Sketch, Zeplin,, Miro, Github, CodeTree, Reviewable

Results and challenges

In Sep 2019 – August 2020 as a remote software engineer I worked on:

  1. Authentication system both client and server side.
  2. Identity and account management front-end.
  3. Full front-end refactoring that involved replacing routing-system, side effects, forms with a modular root store that fully separates state and view layers of a single page application.
  4. Methods of injecting nullable observable dependencies into React components.
  5. Front-end notification system.
  6. Module, component and integration testing.
  7. Reviewing code and documentation.